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Complete Guide:Plant & Harvest of Bok Choy(Chinese Cabbage) at home

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

This guide will help you:

✅ Choose the right planter for bok choy.

✅ Make a potting mix for bok choy.

✅ Where to grow the bok choy at home?

✅ And also give you a schedule to add nutrients and water for the plant.

Excited to start? check out the sections in the article to read faster.

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Sections in this article:

Hindi name: बोक चॉय

Kannada name: ಭೋಗ್ ಚೋಯ್

Tamil name: போக் சோய்

Telugu name: భోగ్ చోయ్

Family: Brassicaceae

Native: China

Vegetable garden grow bok choy at home, terrace, balcony)
grow bok choy at home, terrace, balcony

Materials needed to grow Bok choy.

Soil: Grows well on a wide range of soils. Rich loam, poor laterite, saline and alkaline to moderately acidic soils are also well suited for its cultivation. Well drained soil helps in better growth.

pH: The ideal pH of plant is 6 to 7

Planting container size : A good drainage 6 to 10 inch diameter and 10 -12 deep inches ideal.

Where do I grow Bok choy at home?

Temperature: The ideal temperature range from 13-24 C

Sun light: Direct sunlight requirement for more than 5 hrs

Type of plants: Leafy vegetable (Annual)

Climate: It commonly grows in cool weather and dry conditions

The plant is moderately susceptible to drought. The plant can be grown under partially shaded conditions

Starting my Bok choy plant.

Season: Best season for grow in winter (Jan, Oct, Nov, and Dec)

Propagation: Propagated by seeds.

Planting depth : 2.5 to 3cm depth then cover the seeds

Germination time: Germination will start from 7 -10 days after the seed is sown.

Caring for my Bok choy plant.

Water requirement: Water once a day. Avoid the watering rainy days.

Nutrient requirement:

1. Apply well-decomposed plant and animal waste manures

2. Bone meal or blood meals

3. Liquid fertilizer seaweed extract

4. Humic acid.

Harvest time: The plants are ready for harvest after 40-50 days of planting.

Edible part: Mature leaves

Plant life span: Up to 2-3 months

Home grown bok choy
Bok choy

Plant protection for my Bok choy

Major Pest:

Aphids and whiteflies

Management :

Organic methods to control Neem oil spray 2-5ml per/liter.

ASpray the insecticide Imidacloprid 70 % WG 0.5 g / lit or 1-1.5 ml/ lit or azadirachtin 1.0% EC 3ml/ lit.

Major diseases

Downy Mildew and Alternaria leaf spot

  • The symptoms of downy mildew include yellow leaves that have fuzzy, grey growth on the undersides of the leaves.

  • Downy mildew is aggravated by overly wet conditions, so if it appears on your basil plants, make sure you reduce overhead watering and that the plants have good drainage and good air circulation


  • Management: Collection and burning of fallen leaves.

  • Spray with Wettable sulphur 0.3% (or) Carbendazim 0.1% 2-3 sprays at 15 days interval is effective control the diseases

  • Use of sulphur at higher temperature conditions will be phytotoxic on fungal spores.

Plant care and maintenance
  • Apply regular organic nourishment for the plants

  • Weekly once neem spray to reduce the pest and diseases.

  • Thinning (Remove the overcrowded unhealthy plant)

  • Remove the older and unhealthy affected leaves and branches of plants and its give regular air circulation in to the all the branches of plants its help full for disease free plant

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