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Terrace Garden Setup In Bangalore By Karat Farms
Professional &  Reliable

Terrace Garden Setup services in Bangalore

A home terrace garden in Bangalore is easy to grow and maintain. The beautiful climate of Bangalore makes it possible to grow flowers or even a terrace vegetable garden. Our expert gardeners at Karat Farms make it possible to bring your dream garden to life. We have experience in setting up a full fledged hardscape and softscapes on terrace gardens, a simple vegetable and flower garden on terrace for small and medium budgets. Having a terrace in Bangalore is a luxury which very few people in the city enjoy. If you have one, we recommend you make the best use of it to create a serene space for you and your family to enjoy priceless moments in your home terrace garden. Further automating the garden with drip irrigation and fertigation will ensure lush green and healthy plants. You can alter the water timings as per seasons. This will ensure that plants do not die when you are out on holidays. Contact us to learn more on how we make growing terrace gardens easy for urban dwellers.

How it works?

  1. Contact Us with your terrace garden requirements in detail.

  2. We will get in touch with you within 24 hrs either by call or whatsapp.

  3. We will visit your garden at the scheduled date & time.

  4. Finish the service on spot, if garden requirements were communicated. Else take measurements and get back on scheduled date for service.

  5. You can continue to book our services through whatsapp now that you are a customer.

Your dream home terrace garden

Share with us your garden decor ideas, plant arrangement ideas or crazy DIY ideas that  you have found on pinterest, facebook or instagram. We will do our best to execute the idea with the highest quality materials and with utmost perfection. Our skilled gardeners at Karat Farms having over 10 years of gardening experience will be able to source the best material from the length and breadth of Bangalore city. Our gardeners are skilled in wood work, clay work, vegetable and fruit garden maintenance and turning waste into planters or decor items and much more. There are no hidden costs of any kind, at every step we will clearly lay out the costs of each material so that you can create your dream terrace garden at your preferred budget. Contact us today to learn more and get closer to your dream garden.

Terrace Garden Ideas

Sustainable garden planters, self watering pots, home vegetable garden, garden boho vibes, work table plants, meditation garden are all buzzwords we have heard while scrolling through instagram, pinterest or facebook. Well we have curated a list of best and current trending ideas for your home terrace garden in 2023. This is a mix of DIY ideas, plant arrangement ideas and much more. It also includes a list of must follow instagram gardening accounts so that you can get the best of tips and tricks to grow and maintain your home garden.

Our gardeners at Karat Farms are super social, they are enthusiastic and in fact suggest to many of their regular customers on how they can quickly implement this idea in their garden at very little or no extra cost by converting waste to wonders. Book your site visit today and lets get your garden trending!

Professional home gardener services for your terrace garden

Our gardeners at Karat Farms will be able to help you with all garden services you may require for your terrace garden. Be it one time maintenance, automatic drip irrigation, quick garden clean up, deep garden clean up, or to even conduct workshops for you and your fellow gardeners, we have got you completely covered. If you did not find something you are looking for specifically. Please get in touch with us at the earliest, we are sure we can help you.


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1. What are the benefits of having a home terrace garden?

A. There are various benefits to growing a terrace garden at home. As rightly said by a famous author “One must never underestimate the power of a silent moment in the garden”. In today's hectic life, you can create a serene space for your mental peace and well being at the comfort of your home. Once you convey your need for terrace garden to the Karat Farms team, we will accordingly plan and execute the same.


2. How can I start a terrace garden near me?

A. You can choose to set up a terrace garden in a “DIY” manner or with a professional service. With Karat Farms you get professional help at the same cost of DIY. Imagine us to be your extended arms and legs. At every point we will suggest and guide you to build your terrace garden at home.


3. What is drip irrigation and how does it help in Terrace gardening?

A. Drip irrigation for terrace garden is an automatic watering system for your plants. You can set the timings according to every season and ensure a healthy garden throughout the year. Karat Farms has experience in setting up systems from 5 plants to a large system of 1000 plants as well.

4. Can Karat Farms help me set up a home terrace garden in Bangalore?

A. Yes our team will be able to help you set up a terrace garden, at any timeline as per your comfort.

5. Are home gardener services available for terrace gardens?

A. Yes, Karat Farms provides home gardener services for gardens of all sizes, even for indoor plants as well.


6. How does Karat Farms promote sustainable gardening practices?

A. Karat Farms uses high quality and natural products in every element of the garden. All the pots we recommend are biodegradable. The soil used in home gardens are naturally derived. Ask our gardener for more information on every product 🙂

7. What makes Karat Farms a reliable choice for terrace gardening?

A Karat Farms team has ample experience in using the latest and most biodegradable products in our terrace garden setup. Having setup over 500 gardens our mantra to execute is quality, simplicity and durability. 


8. Which plants are suitable for Terrace gardens?

A Depending on the sunlight received by the area of the terrace, the plants chosen may vary. Book a site visit with our gardener to get a thorough understanding of how your terrace garden can be setup.


9. How do I maintain a terrace garden for optimal growth?

A The Karat Farms team highly recommends a terrace drip irrigation system to be set up. On top of this a proper fertilisation schedule will ensure a thriving and lush green garden.


10. How much Terrace Garden Cost In Bangalore ?

A. The cost of a terrace garden in Bangalore can range anywhere from 5,000 - 2.5 Lakh Rs. We recommend all our beginner customers to start small and grow the terrace garden along the way as they learn.

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