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3 Mistakes you are making that is Destroying Your Home Garden

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

No schedule for watering

Plants just like humans thrive with consistency. Once you start watering your plant daily at let’s say 7 am. The plant will get used to it and plan it’s activities expecting the water at 7 am daily thereafter.

Watering with a high TDS water

High TDS water contains lots of soluble salts. In cities, it is mainly salts of Ca and Mg. The presence of salts in the water is not required by the plant and also might alter the chemistry of the soil. These salts also hinder the nutrient uptake by the roots of plants. A TDS of 100 - 250ppm if good for the plants. Anything higher might cause trouble in your garden.

Not feeding your plants regularly

Plants can survive on any amount of nutrients. Look at this brinjal growing out of this small crowded pot.

But if you ensure that your plants are being fed the correct amount of nutrition at the right time, you will notice big green healthy leaves with lots of flowers and fruits. Just how we want our kitchen garden plants to grow. So whatever nutrient you are using (gobra, cow manure, vermicompost, etc). Start a schedule for your plants. For example Addition of nutrients every 15 days.

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