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Garden Maintenance Services In Bangalore
Terrace Garden Setup
Gardener Services In Bangalore
Balcony Garden Setup By karat Farms

We have scouted the length and breadth of Bangalore to find for the nearest gardener to you who has expertise in all types of home gardening services be it terrace garden, balcony garden, indoor plants, vegetable gardening, lawn maintenance, artificial vertical wall, artificial indoor plants, Karat Farms gardeners do it all.

Our rigorous selection process ensures you get high quality gardening service and gardening products when you book our services. Now Looking for home gardening services is much easier than before.

Karat Farms service costs are highly personalized and are based on the area, type of structures and the effort that goes in. By this we mean that if you choose to subscribe to regular maintenance the service delivered and service cost will be tailored to your requirements.

We take great joy into transforming spaces into lush green gardens. As we strongly believe green spaces have a huge impact on a familys’ well being be it emotional, mental or physical. Our team is on a mission to make having green living spaces at home easier to maintain and set up. Checkout our success stories and customer reviews here.

How it works?

  1. Contact Us with your garden requirements in detail.

  2. We will get in touch with you within 24 hrs either by call or whatsapp.

  3. We will visit your garden at the scheduled date & time.

  4. Finish the service on spot, if garden requirements were communicated. Else take measurements and get back on scheduled date for service.

  5. You can continue to book our services through whatsapp now that you are a customer.

Expert Gardeners Near Me: Transforming Your Space with Us

Terrace Garden Setup In Bangalore

Karat Farms gardeners have a minimum of 5 years experience in gardening. They have deep rooted history in gardening right from their grandfathers to the current generation.They take pride in their ability to understand and nurture green spaces.They have the required knowledge of tending to vegetable and fruit gardens ensuring good yield and organic veggies. Along with maintaining stellar landscapes comprising imported lawns, evergreen and seasonal flowers. 

Think of the gardeners as your extended hands and legs. They will literally help you bring your dream garden to life.The roles of the gardener include, suggestion of plants for all outdoor and indoor spaces at home, guidance on how to revive old and dying plants, recommendation on growing fruits and vegetables, support in clean up or setting up of new green spaces at home, contact us to know more on how we can help you get started.

The gardeners’ role does not end after setting up the garden, in fact their role begins only now. They will be available on call or chat to provide you with maintenance schedules and methodology for each and every plant. If required you can always subscribe to regular maintenance or even book services as you need it.

We have iterated the process of setup and post setup maintenance to ensure that the garden thrives. Ensuring hand holding and pro active guidance whenever and wherever required.

Affordable and Reliable Gardeners Services In Bangalore

Balcony Garden Services In Bangalore

When you hire a home gardener, you will get a gardening service package curated to your needs and requirements in terms of time and effort required. So you can always be sure that Karat Farms offers the best price possible. The starting price of our packages is just 599 Rs. We ensure our gardening services are affordable. Contact us to know more!

We offer terrace garden setup and maintenance, balcony garden setup and maintenance, Indoor plants setup and maintenance, artificial plants setup and maintenance, lawn setup and maintenance, drip irrigation setup and maintenance, and garden cleaning services are also offered.

Landscape Gardeners Near Me

Natural lawn Service In Bangalore By Karat farms

At Karat Farms we will involve you in every step of the landscaping right from designing the idea, procuring plants and other materials until execution on the final day of the project. You are always free to change, replace or add any material during the execution of the project. Ultimately we only want to bring your ideas and dreams to life in your garden. Our gardener can also recommend plants, materials during the setup process. And after setup even guide you on maintenance materials like fertilizers, pesticides, cleaning methodology for various hard and soft scapes.


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1. What services does Karat Farms offer for gardening? 

A. Karat Farms offers terrace garden setup and maintenance, balcony garden setup and maintenance, Indoor plants setup and maintenance, artificial plants setup and maintenance, lawn setup and maintenance, drip irrigation setup and maintenance, and garden cleaning services are also offered.

2. What is the expertise of Karat Farms in landscape gardening? 

A. Karat Farms gardeners have a minimum of 5 years experience in corporate landscaping, tending to exotic plants, vegetable and fruit plants. You can be assured that the gardeners you book with Karat Farms are knowledgeable, experienced and professional in carrying out the garden services.


3.Where can I find garden maintenance services in Bangalore? 

A.Garden maintenance services are abundantly available in Bangalore. However only experienced gardeners will be able to quickly and accurately diagnose problems and provide high quality and long term solutions for lawn, garden setup or maintenance

4.How often should I schedule garden maintenance for optimal plant health? 

A.It depends on the plants you have in your garden. Few plants require more attention and care as compared to others. Especially incase of vegetable plants. But as a rule of thumb a weekly maintenance schedule should ensure a vibrant garden.

5. Are there affordable garden maintenance options at Karat Farms? 

A.Yes, we aim to make all our services and products as affordable as possible for our customers. But do not at any time compromise on the quality of material and the gardeners we provide. You can be assured that you are always getting the best quality services and products from Karat Farms.

6.Does Karat Farms provide garden maintenance services near my location 

A.Yes, we provide garden maintenance in all pincodes of Bangalore, Karnataka. You can schedule the visit for a specific date and time. Contact us now and we will get back to you within 24 hrs.

7.Can I Hire a Gardener For a Day? 

A.Yes, you can hire a gardener for a day. The charges will vary as per the effort required in the garden. As in a few cases our gardener may need extra tools to provide you with the best results after service. You can contact us and book a site visit to understand charges or even choose to do a whatsapp video call with our gardener.

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