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Imagine What 10 Lakh Gardens In Every City Could Accomplish

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Whether it’s planting a few potted flowers or a plot of land, one might say there are nearly as many benefits of gardening, particularly for seniors. The physical exercise can contribute to a healthy weight and blood pressure levels, and just interacting with flora can improve your mood and mental health.

Imagine what 10 lakh gardens in every city could accomplish

By 2050, there are forecast to be 2.4 billion more people in cities, and this century could rightly be called the urban century. It is important that cities grow and develop in ways that protect and grow nature, that put nature at the core of design and planning. Singapore, for instance, implements a Landscape Replacement Policy, which requires new buildings to at least replace the nature lost at ground level with nature in the vertical realm.

Gardening burns a lot of calories

Good news for those who already spend hours planting perennials. Gardening is considered moderate-intensity exercise. You can burn about 330 calories doing one hour of light gardening and yard work — more than walking at a moderate pace for the same amount of time

Gardening Boosts Mood

Did you know that gardening can boost your mood while increasing your self-esteem levels? When you make time to go out and work in your garden, your anxiety levels can go down and you could start to feel less depressed. 

Increases the Responsibility

Gardening activities provide purpose and a sense of worth. Having a living thing to care for, such as the plants in your garden, gives us a sense of responsibility. It could be highly beneficial for people suffering from mental health issues as it can be a simple activity to keep them busy and occupied.

Spiritual benefits

Gardening gets people “out of their heads,” focused on something greater than themselves. Many feel closer to God or a higher power when they’re communing with nature in all its resplendent glory.

Social benefits

Older adults are particularly vulnerable to depression, as many of them live alone or have limited mobility and access to transportation and other people. Community gardens can bring seniors together in a shared effort, thus fostering vital socialization and friendships based on a common interest. Conversations flow more naturally, as they are secondary to the focus on gardening.

CO2 Absorption In Urban Areas

Greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide (CO2), have a negative effect on global warming. The World Health Organization estimates that 7 million premature deaths occur each year from air pollution, making it one of the largest environmental health risks in the world. 

Overall, gardening regularly is proven to be good for you in many different ways. From health-related benefits that can help reduce the risk of a heart attack to helping you relax after a stressful day. What’s better than getting fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst making your garden a lovely environment you will want to spend time in.

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