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Better Choice ? Homegrown or Grocery Produce

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Anyone who has ever tasted a homegrown tomato knows how much more flavorful they are. Trust me , they really are. A lot of people make this realization but only a few of them have the courage and willingness to start growing their own produce.

But why is it said that homegrown vegetables and fruit are always better?

Here are some of the most convincing reason to start eating home grown produce :

Nutritional Benefits

Garden produce has proven higher nutritional benefits over supermarket produce. By growing your own fruits and vegetables, you can bring diversity, better nutrition, and outstanding homegrown flavor to your table. Hence each fruit will get more nutrients. It is believed that deterioration of nutrition starts as soon as crops are harvested. So homegrown produce that gets to your table fast offers more nutrients than produce that travels a long distance.

Quality Benefits

The quality of homegrown produce is unmatchable! Grown by you, for you. You know what is happening every step of the plant. There are no chemicals of any sort that touches your food at any step of the way.


While organic foods are available, they are definitely more expensive. You can grow those expensive salad greens or imported vegetables at the comfort of your home.

Deeper connection

Connecting with your food in the most fundamental sense. By growing them out is priceless. It adds immense value to your life. Right from your eating habits, to food buying habits and so much more.

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