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Discover the Magic of Coriander Seeds: From Garden to Table

Updated: 5 hours ago

Introduction to Coriander

Now, there is no other herb as dearly loved by many cuisines globally like coriander. Literally, from leaves down to the seeds, one finds treasured ingredients—like the seeds, often ground into coriander powder for essential seasoning in many dishes, to the leaves adding their refreshing and pungent citrus flavor in salads, soups, and garnishes.

Beyond flavor, the coriander leaves are enriched with nutritional real value, containing a high amount of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals, facilitating digestion and blood sugar regulation, and having highly effective properties as an antioxidant.

Be it a lemon coriander soup or using coriander powder in Tamil cuisine, the uses of this herb make it truly indispensable in the kitchen.

Plant Care and Maintenance for Coriander

The coriander plants do require care in accordance with their needs. Start by sowing coriander seeds in well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter. This coriander plant likes full sun, but at the same time, it is very adaptable to partial shade.

Therefore, provide ample water, though it would be protected against excessive water. Just maintain the right balance of sunlight and moisture, and you will grow vigorous coriander plants that will furnish fresh leaves and seeds to add bright flavors in your recipes.

Click  here for a detailed set of instructions.

Coriander Seed Delivery Services by Karat Farms

With the purpose of helping all types of gardening enthusiasts raise their own coriander, Karat Farms delivers coriander seeds all over India. We have the right variety of coriander seeds for specifically selected  kitchen gardens.

Our efficient delivery will be easier to start your journey in gardening. Whether you grow coriander for fresh leaves or seeds for your spice collection, Karat Farms brings both quality and reliability into this aspect. In case of any problems at all during the growth of the plant, residents of Bangalore can call +91 87922 04999 for assistance from a gardener near you.

You can also mail your concerns to hello@thekaratfarms,com.

Ordering Coriander Seeds from Karat Farms

Ordering coriander seeds from us is pretty smooth. Just come to our website here, select the quantity you want, enter your address, and you are good to go. The delivery is ensured to get the seeds to you on time and in excellent condition. Karat Farms ensures seed delivery within 5 working days, so that you may plan your sowing cycle without hassle.

With Karat Farms, starting your own coriander garden is hassle-free, allowing you to enjoy the numerous benefits of fresh coriander leaves and seeds straight from your garden.

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