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How to grow Blue and Black Tomatoes at Home

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

This guide will help you:

✅ Choose the right container for blue/black tomatoes.

✅ Make a potting mix for blue/black Tomato.

✅ Where to grow the blue/black tomato at home.

✅ And also give you a schedule to add nutrients and water for the plant.

Excited to start? check out the sections in the article to read faster.

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Sections in this article:

Botanical Name: Lycopersicon esculentum

Family: Solanaceae

Native: Peru

Grow blue/black tomato in containers at home (terrace/balcony)
Blue/black tomato

Materials needed to grow Blue/Black Tomato.

Soil: Well-drained loamy organic soil or enrich potting mixture (free from pest and disease)

pH: The ideal pH of the plant is 6 to 7.5

Planting container size: A good drainage 8 to 16-inch diameter and 8-14 deep inches ideal.

Where do I grow Blue/Black Tomato at home?

Temperature: it's suitable for all Indian weather conditions except frost. For best temperature between 21 to 32 C

Sunlight: The sunlight requirement more than 7 hrs

Climate: Tomato is a warm season-loving crop. The best fruit color and quality is obtained at a temperature range between 21-24°C. Temperatures above 32o C adversely affect the fruit set and development. The plants cannot withstand frost and high humidity.

Type of plants: Annual plant (5-6 months)

Starting my Blue/Black Tomato plant.

Season: Best season for growth (Jan, Feb, June, July, Oct, Dec)

Propagation: Propagated by Seeds.

Planting depth: 2-3 cm depth then cover the seeds

Germination time: Germination starts from 5-7 days after the seed is sown.

Planting: The normal spacing between plant to plant 30 cm to 30cm and minimum plant spacing 20 cm to 20cm.

Caring for my Blue/Black Tomato plant.

Water requirement: Watering should be done when it's necessary a day. Avoid over watering and keep well-drained.

Nutrient: Apply well decompose plant and animal waste manures and also bone meal or blood meals and also liquid fertilizers.

Flowering: Flowers will start after 80-90 after planting.

Harvest time: The fruit is ready for harvest after 90-100 days of planting. It's continually growing up to 6 months for good plant care.

Edible part: Partial mature fruit

Plant life span: Up to 6 months

Grow blue/black tomato in container at home (terrace/balcony)
blue/black tomato

Plant protection for my Blue/Black Tomato

Major Pest

1. shoot and Fruit borer

Management :

Organic methods to control Neem oil spray 2-5 ml per / liter.

Set up pheromone traps @ 2 Nos

Collection and destruction of damaged fruits and grown-up caterpillars.

Remove the affected shoots and fruit.

Spray the insecticide Dimethoate 30 % EC 2 ml/ lit or Flubendiamide 20 WDG 1-1.5 ml/ lit or azadirachtin 1.0% EC 3ml/ lit or chlorpyrifos 20 %EC 1.5 ml/ lit.

Epilachna beetle

Azadirachtin 1.0% EC 3ml/ lit

Serpentine leaf miner

Spray Neem Seed Kernel Extract 5 %.

Whitefly and aphids

control spray Neem oil 2-5ml per / liter or imidacloprid 17.8 % SL 2-3 ml / liter or dimethoate 30 % EC or Fipronil 5% SC 1-2 ml/ lit or phosphamidon 40 %SL 1.5 ml/ lit or Dicofol 18.5 % SC 2 ml / liter of water orThiamethoxam 25 % WG 0.5ml/ lit.

Install yellow sticky traps @2/ha to attract the adult.

Apply carbofuran 3% G @ 40 kg /ha or spray any one of the following insecticides


Soil application of Bacillus subtilis (BbV 57) or Pseudomonas fluorescens as seed treatment @ 1g/100g of seeds and soil application (SA) @ 2g / one square feet for the management root-knot and reniform nematode infestation in soil and root. Application of liquid formulation of Bacillus subtilis (BbV 57) or Pseudomonas fluorescens @ 1 ml/ 1 square feet through drip irrigation for the management of root-knot nematode in tomato

Major diseases

1.Damping off

To control the damping off treat with seed trichoderma viride 0.5g or Pseudomonas as soil application. Drench Copper oxychloride at 2-2.5g/ liter of water.

2.leaf spot

To control spot spray neem oil 2-5 ml or mancozeb 2g/ lit or copper oxychloride 2.5g/ lit

Leaf curl

Spray systemic insecticides like methyl demeton or dimethoate @ 2 ml/lit. to kill the insect vector, whitefly.

Tomato spotted wilt disease

Carbofuran 3 G @ 2g/ lit and 3 sprays of phosalone 35 EC @ 1.5 ml/lit @ 25 , 40, 55 days after transplanting

Plant care and maintenance
  • Apply regular organic nourishment for the plants

  • Weekly once neem spray to reduce the pest and diseases.

  • Plants require little water when necessary and avoid overwatering.

  • Need staking for support and better growing

  • Remove the older and unhealthy affected leaves and branches of plants and its give regular air circulation into the all the branches of plants its help full for disease-free plant

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