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Most Beautiful Plants to Decorate Your Work From Home Space

We've curated the most popular 10 plant species that are great to your workplace desk and won't require you to study a degree in horticulture to take care of them correctly which is a bonus!

1.Devil's Ivy

Devil's Ivy (Epipremnum aureum) is sometimes referred to as Pothos (although it is an entirely different plant) and is a kind of evergreen plant. The leaves are huge and often heart-shaped, and are available in a variety of dark and light colors.The species is well-suited to various office environments that range from dim light to brighter levels. The easy-to-care for plant with heart-shaped leaves, with white splotches, is an excellent addition to the desk, on a shelf or table. The larger plants, arranged around a cane or pole are great for large pots that are placed on the floor.


Sometimes, they are referred to as "aglos" also known as Chinese evergreens. Aglaonema are well-known due to the colour of their leaves. Although many grow dark green leaves they may be spotted with traces of red or silver. The scientific name comes by two Greek words "aglaos" which means bright, and 'nama' meaning thread or filament, which refers to the stunning stamens that are produced in the flowers. It is a favorite plant among the Chinese who believe it is a symbol of longevity (hence "Chinese evergreen").

3.Ficus Benjamina

Often referred to as the weeping fig Ficus Benjamina is a plethora of plant that looks beautiful in its own display or in an arrangement of mixed plants.

Ficus benjamina is a wild plant that grows in the rainforests of India, Southeast Asia and Northern Australia and derives its name from the Indian Acme Ben-ja. The earliest plants usually develop from seeds that are buried in trunks of the other tree. They soon begin creating aerial roots that reach all the way to the ground. The ficus grows around the host tree and then in time, they join to choke the tree. Cold breezes coming from windows or doors can harm them, so be sure that you place them in a location that drafts won't be an issue.

4.Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Commonly abbreviated as the ZZ plant, its complicated-to-pronounce name isn't indicative of how hard they are to maintain. Their slender stalks and bulging roots hold a large amount of water, meaning that you won't need to look in the office for an irrigation container every day.

A favourite among those who have a habit of killing their plants The ZZ plant is also tolerant of long periods of darkness. This makes it a great option for a desk plant because winter is often quite dark. It's easy to think that all is great but it's actually getting better. The ZZ plant requires very little in terms of fertilizer and has very little insects. It's almost a stress-free plant!


Ideal for reception areas or scattered along corridors. Bromeliads might require more care at first to ensure that they bloom because they are known for their slowness. However, once they have bloomed with only a little watering, they need very minimal care.

One of the primary reasons is that they don't need much fertilizer. All you require are water, and someone to gaze at them every once every once in a while. With their vibrant colours and stunning blooms it shouldn't be a problem.


Philodendrons have been the mainstay in the indoor landscape since their introduction in the early 1800s of South America. They are also known as the Imperial Green is a man-made hybrid that has large and lush leaves that are deep green. The leaves are glossy coating that can keep their sleek appearance even in shade.

They prefer low humidity and temperatures between 65-68degF, they're ideal for offices since they can be utilized in a grand display at the office's corner or in conjunction alongside other Imperial Greens or with other species of plants to give your office an exotic, lush feel.

7.Peace lily

Peace Lily have wide, large, deep green leaves. They also produce beautiful white flowers, which have earned their name. They are very popular due to the fact that they don't require a lot of sunlight, and they can also tolerate occasionally excessive watering.

The peace lily plant is also well-known for their ability to clean their air and helping to eliminate toxins and provide an environment that is more pleasant to work. It's adaptable to low light levels and is a strong cultivator too. They are great to create focal points and screen.


Dracaenas are among the most durable plants available and are an excellent option for removing pollutants. They're simple to maintain and create a distinctive feature or screen plant.

Dracaena cincta (sometimes known as Dracaena marginata) is a good example. It is able to withstand drought conditions and has a ferocious root system that makes it very difficult to die - ideal for a desk plant that is neglected. They're not only sturdy and durable, but their thin leaves that are often vibrant and make beautiful additions to your desk. If you're looking for a darker space or when a bold striking design is required, Dracaena "Janet Craig" with its striking green leaves is the best choice as it is tough and tolerant.


Also known by the name of "Mother-in-law's tongue" or "Snake plant," Sanseveria could be one of the most frightening, sinister-looking plants within your workplace - based on the people you work with - this plant is a great visual stimulation to your workplace.

One of the main reasons that people kill the plants they have is due to the lack of care they offer. The Sansevieria plant can last for up to a month without water and can survive in conditions of low light. It is also exposed to sunlight for extended periods.


If all else fails, you can always rely on the Cactus. Make sure you place it where nobody will be looking across the desk.Typically located in harsh, dry deserts, the cactus plant is among the few plants that thrives on the absence of attention. It is able to hold a massive amount of water, allowing the plant to endure even the most oblivious office employees. Cacti tend to prefer brighter lighting amounts, therefore if you have a desk with windows, they'll thrive.

If you're still confused about the plant Selection which plant is good for Your Work from home Space, contact Karatfarms to help you create your ideal workspace using our Expertise.

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