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Syngoniums are the ideal choice for small apartments, serving as excellent low-maintenance houseplants. Originating from the tropical rainforests of South and Central America, these plants boast lush green foliage, heart-shaped leaves, and a non-toxic nature. With a terra cotta pot included, Syngoniums bring life and vitality to any corner they adorn.
Easy to Care For: Embrace the simplicity of caring for Syngoniums. These houseplants are low-maintenance, making them perfect for individuals seeking green companions without the need for extensive care.
Heart-Shaped Leaves: Enjoy the charming heart-shaped leaves that characterize Syngoniums, adding a touch of elegance to your interior decor.
Non-Toxic: Create a safe environment for pets and kids, as Syngoniums are non-toxic, allowing you to integrate them seamlessly into family spaces.
Interior Decor Foundation: Anchor your interior decor with a foundation of green provided by Syngoniums, bringing life and freshness to your living room or office.
Growth Witness: Experience a sense of satisfaction as you witness the gradual growth of Syngonium leaves over time, adding a dynamic element to your living space.
Air Purification: Enhance indoor air quality by harnessing the air-purifying capabilities of Syngoniums, which effectively remove toxins such as formaldehyde from the atmosphere.


  • Images are for reference purposes only. Actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height etc. The product is replaceable but not returnable.

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