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Elevate your garden with the enchanting beauty of Parijat. This beautiful shrub boasts long, white flowers that bloom during the night, filling the air with a captivating scent. With leathery, waxy green leaves, Parijat adds natural allure to any landscape, thriving in various climates.
Long, Fragrant White Flowers: Delight in the long, fragrant white flowers of Parijat, creating a magical ambiance in your garden during the night.
Leathery, Waxy Green Leaves: Admire the leathery and waxy green leaves of Parijat, forming opposite pairs and adding texture to its overall aesthetic.
Can Grow Up to 9' Tall: Witness the impressive height of Parijat, reaching up to 9 feet tall and making a statement in your garden landscape.
Drought Tolerant and Low Maintenance: Embrace the easy care of Parijat, as it is drought-tolerant and low-maintenance, requiring minimal attention to thrive.
Add Natural Beauty to Any Landscape or Garden: Enhance the natural beauty of your garden with Parijat, as its white flowers and lush foliage create an enchanting and serene atmosphere.
Flowers Offer a Powerful and Calming Fragrance at Night Time: Immerse yourself in the calming fragrance of Parijat's night-blooming flowers, creating a sensory experience in your garden.
Low Maintenance - Just Need Enough Water to Keep Soil From Drying Out Completely: Enjoy the simplicity of caring for Parijat, as its low-maintenance nature requires only sufficient water to prevent soil from drying out completely.

Parijat plant

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