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Make your flower garden shine with the dazzling beauty of Dahlias. Whether you prefer single or double-petaled varieties, Dahlias offer an array of colors and bloom shapes, becoming the stars of any garden. With varying heights and extended bloom times, Dahlias are a favorite choice for annual flower displays.
Striking Blooms of Many Colors: Elevate your garden's visual appeal with the striking blooms of Dahlias, available in a wide spectrum of colors.
Long Pinwheel Shaped Petals that Add Texture to Bouquets and Borders: Explore the texture and dimension that Dahlias bring to bouquets and garden borders with their long pinwheel-shaped petals.
Varying Heights for Different Desired Applications: Tailor your garden to your preferences with Dahlias of varying heights, allowing for creative and dynamic landscaping.
Blooms from Summer Until the First Frost: Extend the beauty of your garden throughout the growing season, as Dahlias bloom from summer until the first frost.
Increase Beauty and Vibrancy in Garden Landscapes: Enhance the beauty and vibrancy of your garden landscape with the multitude of colors provided by Dahlia blooms.
Enjoy Unique Floral Arrangements with Multi-Colored Dahlia Blooms: Create distinctive and eye-catching floral arrangements with the multi-colored blooms of Dahlias, adding depth and dimension to your bouquets.
Add Fun Height Elements to Gardenscapes which Can Be Altered Seasonally by Choosing Different Dahlia Species: Customize your gardenscape with fun height elements, as Dahlias of different species offer versatility in seasonal alterations, keeping your garden dynamic and ever-changing.


  • Images are for reference purposes only. Actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height etc. The product is replaceable but not returnable.

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