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Unleash the captivating Bougainvillea, a bushy evergreen climber originating from South America. Thriving in the summer heat, this remarkable plant exhibits vibrant green-leaf foliage accompanied by an explosion of paper-like bracts throughout the main growing season.
Large Scented Blooms Throughout the Summer: Revel in the delightful scent and visual spectacle as Bougainvillea produces large scented blooms throughout the summer, creating an immersive and fragrant experience.
Bracts Grow Up to 10cm Wide: Witness the burst of color with bracts that grow up to an impressive 10cm wide, making Bougainvillea a showstopper in any garden.
Foliage is Large and Lush: Enjoy the lush and large foliage of Bougainvillea, providing a rich backdrop to the explosion of colorful bracts.
Climbing, Sprawling Growth Habit: Embrace the versatility of Bougainvillea with its climbing, sprawling growth habit, allowing you to shape and train it on walls, arches, or trellises.
Easy to Train and Shape: Exercise creative control over your garden as Bougainvillea is easy to train and shape, allowing you to create visually appealing structures on walls, arches, or trellises.
Thrives in Coastal Settings: Flourish in coastal settings with Bougainvillea, as it adapts well to such environments, contributing to the beauty of seaside landscapes.
Low Maintenance and Tough: Appreciate the durability of Bougainvillea, as it thrives with minimal care and even tolerates a bit of neglect, making it a tough and resilient choice for your garden.
Showstopping Color All Year Round: Experience the enchantment of Bougainvillea's showstopping colors, providing visual interest and vibrancy to your garden throughout the year.


  • Images are for reference purposes only. Actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height etc. The product is replaceable but not returnable.

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