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Anthurium Red is a distinctive houseplant with eye-catching Firetruck red-flecked foliage. Its signature heart-shaped leaves evoke a tropical Caribbean aesthetic, bringing warmth and vibrant energy to your living space. With proper care, this tropical beauty promises glorious year-round flowering.
Unique Heart-Shaped Foliage: The standout feature of Anthurium Red is its captivating heart-shaped leaves.
Grows up to 30 Inches Tall: Provides vertical interest with its impressive height.
Easy to Care For: Requires minimal care for maximum visual impact.
Perfect Fit for Any Home: The Anthurium Red complements various interior styles and decor.
Ready to Brighten Living Spaces: Its vibrant red foliage adds a lively touch to your home.
Low Maintenance: Thrives with simple care, making it accessible for all plant enthusiasts

Anthurium Red


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