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nfuse vibrant hues into your garden with the Periwinkle, a colorful evergreen, semi-woody plant renowned for its resilience in cold temperatures. This hardy plant graces your outdoor space with star-shaped, bright violet blue flowers and glossy green foliage, creating mounded formations that add charm and vitality.
Easy to Grow, Drought Tolerant Plants: Embrace simplicity in gardening with Periwinkle's easy-to-grow and drought-tolerant nature, requiring minimal effort for a thriving garden.
Beautiful Violet Blue Flowers with Glossy Green Foliage: Enjoy a visual spectacle as Periwinkle produces numerous star-shaped, bright violet blue flowers, complemented by glossy green foliage that grows densely.
Great as Edging to Walkways or Gardens: Utilize Periwinkle as an edging plant, enhancing the aesthetics of walkways or gardens with its colorful and compact growth.
Colorful Ground Cover: Transform large areas quickly with Periwinkle's dense growth, creating a colorful ground cover that adds vibrancy to your outdoor space.
Heat and Humidity Tolerant: Thrive in various climates as Periwinkle exhibits tolerance to both heat and humidity, ensuring its beauty endures through changing weather conditions.
Adaptable to Most Soils and Light Conditions: Enjoy gardening flexibility as Periwinkle adapts well to a variety of soils and light conditions, making it a versatile addition to your landscape.


  • Images are for reference purposes only. Actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height etc. The product is replaceable but not returnable.

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