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How does growing food help ?

We live in a world that is experiencing some of the most difficult times in human history. A few defining issues of this generation is to improve mental and physical health, reduce food and financial insecurity while creating resilient communities, and fighting climate change. While all of these issues require significant communication, we do not need to wait for our political leaders to take action. Growing some of our own food in our homes is an easy but effective way to take control of our health and well-being while at the same time working for the greater good.

Meet the team

Siva founder Karat Farms

Siva Sethupathy

The joy of gardening and eating homegrown produce is unique. I have been lucky to enjoy it with my parents during school. We had a small space behind our house where me and my sister used to help my mother tend to the garden. I want to share this joy with millions of other Indians, who are missing it out for lack of space, time or effort etc.

Rahul founder Karat Farms

Rahul Chandra

Everybody is aware that there is nothing to beat the quality and freshness of homegrown produce. We can even in fact grow many herbs and leafy greens. And not buy them from the grocery. How do we make homegrown produce affordable, repeatable and accessible to millions of Indians

Quraishy founder Karat Farms

Quraishy  Yousuf

When building a kitchen garden you want it to last for years. You need the materials, nutrients, and accessories to be of the best quality. Building an evergreen kitchen garden, that brings new stories in the kitchen and dining room is the key. I hope you choose us in your journey.

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